What differentiates Life2 from other analytics?

There are three big differentiators: rigor, actions & feedback.  Rigor: the longitudinal, person-based dataset is the most rigorous, statistically-pure dataset for high-end analytics.  If you are not using this, you are leaving huge performance gains and cost-savings on the table.  Actions: we calculate suggested actions (interventions) that mitigate risks. All analytics are only as good as your ability to improve outcomes.  You need the correct actions to do this. Feedback: we use a machine learning feedback loop to measure the effectiveness each action has on an outcome.  Over time, the technology gets smarter and smarter about which actions are best.

Does Life2 have a patent on the technology?


What is the easiest way to describe the technology?

The technology is exactly like your favorite GPS product - only better because it can predict future events.  Your GPS takes in real-time traffic data from various sources and provides you the best pathway to get you to your destination the quickest.  As risks take place on the road - accidents, road closures, etc. - your GPS optimizes a new pathway for you.  Life2 goes one better: we predict the risks before they happens and give you course correcting actions to avoid those risks.

How do I use the technology?

There is nothing for you to install.  Nothing for you to replace.  We simply analyze your data in real-time and provide you continuous, risk information for you to act on. This information is provided to you in a Real-Time Risk Report and/or seamlessly integrated with your normal daily workflow.

What information is in your Real-Time Risk Reports?

There are three main elements:  1. Risk Rankings: a ranking of every person from most at risk to least at risk for each risk target.  This lets you know ahead of time "who is at risk?"  2. Causality Analysis: reasons why each person is ranked where they are.  This lets you know "why they are at risk".  3. Suggested Actions: these empirically-vetted interventions are based on actions that worked in the past, given the current risk situation at that point in time.  These are calculated on a person-based basis - not a one-size-fits-all.  These insights answer the question:  "what to do about the risk?" 

What is your implementation process?

We first like to understand the risks that are impacting your performance.  We call these "risk targets".  Next, we work with you to compile the needed data that will proactively identify and mitigate those risks.  We then build your longitudinal dataset.  This is perhaps the most valuable thing we do for you because once completed, you will have it forever - enabling you to easily take on any risk management issues in the future.  We next perform a "blind holdout test" - this gives you a "statistical peak into the future"...allowing you to see the predictive results against data that has already happened, but data that the Life2 Platform has not yet seen.  This guarantees results prior to putting things into live production.  Lastly, there are series of technical items such as live data feed testing, report generation and pre-go-live user testing prior to all users gaining access to the Real Time Risk Reports.