New technologies are needed to meet complex healthcare challenges.

  • Vast opportunity = ability to seamlessly “inject” AI and machine learning capabilities throughout healthcare’s siloed application infrastructure.
  • The ideal technology would function much like the human brain – capable of assimilating information to produce the needed thought or action at a given point in time.
  • Life2 Claustrum AI generates real-time, continuous-feed, new “relevant and important” holistic ”Insights as a Service” that optimize outcomes and lower costs.

Claustrum AItakes your data and makes it actionable

How It Works - Data Structuring


Structured and unstructured data from diverse sources & formats feed real-time data (or a daily data update) into the Life2 Claustrum AI Platform.

You've already invested in these systems, and the probably do not talk to each other or work together the way you would like them. Life2 does not change your current data capture or processes, we take your raw/real time data and create a more complete and massive data set to send through outcome modeling.

Ongoing data feeds power an enterprise-grade, longitudinal, person-based dataset. The completed dataset consists of every person record laid out in reverse chronological order from “most recent record” to “first record”. This allows for advanced, statistical grade pattern recognition, causality analysis and sophisticated risk-mitigating – and outcome-optimizing – action selection. The platform features visualization utilities for surveying data distributions, de-dupe & data matching routines, data anomaly detection, data profiling routines, data enrichment & manipulation tools, natural language process selection, data preprocessing, free text processing and rolling window metric utilities.

How It Works - Risk Stratification

Based on risk, cost or opportunity targets – provide “person-based scoring technology." These are person-by-person real-time updates from highest likelihood to lowest for key outcome targets. Stratification scores for every person raise and lower in real-time as new data feeds the platform. These “stratification scores” provide clients a focused “priority list” of where to best apply resources to optimize outcomes. Analysis on “why” (reasons) each person received the stratification score that they did is also performed.

The intervention engine consumes data from assessments, model risk scores, raw data such as demographics and diagnostics, as well as derived data such as generated features and comorbidities. The engine uses that data to determine which interventions are appropriate and orders them based on risk from the models. Suggested interventions (actions) are managed from a diverse and growing repository. The engine provides a navigation pathway, sending insights to the correct team resource. Ultimately, all the “performed actions” for every person across all points in time become part of the platform’s automated feedback loop and deep learning cycle.

The feedback loop compiles outcome results of each accepted or declined action & stores this data back for pre/post analysis. Over time, the platform learns which actions work and which do not. The only way to significantly improve performance metrics is to measure the effectiveness of all actions taken – every day for every person. That involves tremendous complexity. The platform handles this complexity & delivers that needed information to optimize future outcomes.


Claustrum AI™ produces 24 x 7 x 365 real-time Insights as a Service:

  • Per-person risk rankings based on all key target outcomes
  • Reasons for each ranking
  • Optimized per-person intervention suggestions per rigorous pre/post data analysis

The Life2 Claustrum AI Deployment Process is designed to quickly bring the benefits of AI and machine learning technology to  our clients and partners. It is a collaborative effort between our team and yours.

medically accurate illustration of the brain sections

Why is Claustrum AIDifferent?

A neuroscience perspective of the Claustrum

The brain’s claustrum is a thin, irregular, sheet-like neuronal structure hidden beneath the inner surface of the neocortex in the general region of the insula. Its function is enigmatic.  Its anatomy is quite remarkable.  It allows you to know what is relevant and what is not; what is important and what is not. The Life2 Platform was designed with that function in mind. Life2 Claustrum AI generates real-time, continuous-feed, new “relevant and important” holistic ”Insights as a Service” that optimize outcomes and lower costs.

The Claustrum appears to be the brain’s interconnection superhighway. It routes information between different parts of the brain, connecting ‘facts’ stored in different areas to create a unified experience of reality. In a similar way Claustrum AI brings together otherwise unstructured data from different silos to bring new insights to a patient’s healthcare trajectory.


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