Reduce Complexity

The day-to-day operation of an acute care hospital has become increasingly complex. Life2 helps our hospital partners reduce complexity.

Look no further than managing Length of Stay. Today’s hospitals lack proactive insights to effectively manage Length of Stay. Complex reimbursement (GMLOS) & discharge challenges cannot be managed via the “rear view mirror”.

Hospitals routinely pay vendors for solutions that do not solve their problems. Further, core systems such as EMR & Case Management were not designed to calculate patient based, proactive analytical insights. Breakthrough technology is needed.

Life2 enhances existing hospital management systems - feeding valuable new information & insights via normal workflow.  We do this every day for every patient.  Our insights help change hospital care team behavior & positively impact REVENUE and EXPENSE, as well as patient outcomes.

The Situation

Length of Stay Impacts Revenue & Expense

Proactive Length of Stay management requires information hospitals do not have today. They need the ability to predict (upon admission) how much the hospital will be reimbursed for each patient encounter; and more importantly, the ability to predict (upon admission) how long each patient is likely to stay.

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Reducing Length of Stay

Provides new reimbursement (revenue acceleration)
Reduces “tailing costs”
Greatly enhances profitability via high utilization & increased patient flow

Most hospitals have at least half their total capacity tied up by patients that will exceed their reimbursed Length of Stay.

The Problem

New Technology is Required to Solve The Problem

Reports, assessments, dashboards, clipboards & sticky notes do not have the forward-looking horsepower to drive meaningful results.

The Solution

Hospitals Achieve Significant Economic Impact by Reducing Avoidable Days.

Life2 works with hospitals in "shared success" partnerships where we put our compensation at risk in exchange for a share of the economic impact. This eliminates financial risk.

We deliver to you - on a daily basis - new & valuable information about every patient. Information you do not have today. Information that would be extremely challenging, costly & time consuming to calculate on your own. Our unique, person based insights reduce Avoidable Days and Length of Stay. We seek partnerships with hospitals & health systems driven to increase their bottom line while elevating patient care in significant & innovative ways.
Our Length of Stay Optimization Suite provides a prospective look into the future, a Daily Cycle of new insights: patient based risk stratification (scoring), causality determination for selecting actionable interventions and an automated feedback loop for knowing which actions work and which ones do not. Our SasS solution provides these insights, enhancing existing management systems via normal hospital workflow. These valuable insights unquestionably impact results.
We have reduced Avoidable Days at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA by 27% resulting in an economic impact of $10M.

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