Life2 is an AI-powered risk mitigation platform built for complex healthcare challenges.


It performs as a "healthcare GPS", continuously processing billions of data elements to provide valuable,

real-time  insights that proactively mitigate endless combinations clinical, operational and financial risk.  

Here's How It Works:




1. We develop a person-based, statistical-grade, longitudinal dataset for every client.  This highly-valuable asset allows for the most "statistically pure" analytics to run against it.  Once deployed, client data continuously feeds this dataset.

2. The dataset powers models that predict continuous real-time risks for every person.

3. Predictor variables associated with each person's risks produce detailed reasons why they are at risk.


Life2 Platform

Predictive Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

  Causality Rules Engine

Intervention Repository

Longitudinal Dataset Repository

4. An automated rules engine selects person-based suggested actions to mitigate the risks.  The actions are stored and continuously updated inside a dynamic intervention repository.

5. The Real-Time Risk Reports provide risk rankings (most at risk to least at risk), causality analysis & suggested actions.  These AI-driven insights are invaluable because they optimize outcomes & lower costs. The report insights can be directly integrated into client workflow.

Client Workflow


6. Machine learning technology ensures that every action is measured for its effectiveness and automatically fed-back into the next "AI Cycle". Over time, the dataset grows and the platform gets smarter and smarter as more data and action results pass through.

  • Predictive Risk Identification

  • Causality Analysis

  • Suggested Interventions

Per-Person | Real-Time | 24x7

All Risk Report insights are fed seamlessly into client workflow

Life2 Real-Time Risk Reports