We help clients deliver population health services that lower costs &

improve outcomes:

  • predict/mitigate risk of future hospital visits

  • predict/mitigate risk of future incurred claims

  • plan analysis & design 

  • narrow network optimization (hospital level)

  • provider analysis (MD level)

  • stop/loss management 

  • quality management via advanced variance metrics

  • identify billing leakage (claims) via known pattern analysis

We welcome the opportunity to work with:

  • self-insured companies

  • brokers

  • third party administrators

  • wellness providers

  • employee benefit firms

  • insurance trusts

  • pharmacy benefit managers

  • population health technology providers


We help hospitals manage clinical, operational & financial risk:

  • infections

  • chronic disease states

  • length-of-stay

  • readmissions

  • reimbursement

  • post-acute selection

  • discharge optimization

  • quality measures

  • safety goals

  • resource utilization

Benefits include:

  • reduced clinical variation

  • time to diagnosis

  • early detection of clinical decline

  • improved quality measures

  • real-time patient course correction

  • reduced total cost of care


We help post-acute providers manage clinical, operational & financial risk:

  • infections

  • chronic disease states

  • medications

  • discharge optimization with hospital partners

  • care coordination optimization

  • occupancy optimization

Benefits include:

  • improved clinical outcomes

  • increased revenue

  • lower costs

  • improved quality measures

  • real-time patient/resident course correction

Our business model is simple: we apply our technology to your data to provide new, valuable information for you to act on.  In real-time, delivered within your normal workflow.  Nothing to install, nothing to replace - just new insights that

improve your outcomes & lower costs.

We work directly with end user clients as well as partners interested in

licensing our technology as part of their offerings.