Our Platform

The Life2 platform focuses on current financial and operational risks facing acute care hospitals. Our first offering is a Length of Stay Optimization Suite. The suite provides daily risk-mitigating insights that are delivered as a subscription service. The system output is “fitted” to each hospital’s unique data and processing requirements. The suite is laser focused around helping hospitals proactively manage Length of Stay (both ALOS & GMLOS) and reducing Avoidable Days (Unreimbursed Days / Overstays, etc.). It provides information - via a Daily Cycle - that hospitals do not have today and cannot calculate on their own without a massive investment in an experienced Data Science Team.

Life2 Daily Cycle

Our technology utilizes large-scale data management, predictive analytics, rules engine optimization, natural language processing and closed loop feedback technology. The Life2 Daily Cycle provides patient based risk stratification (scoring), causality determination for selecting actionable interventions and an automated feedback loop for knowing which actions work and which ones do not. This helps hospitals increase revenue, lower costs and improve outcomes.