Legacy Data Access and Life2 Form Partnership

Artificial Intelligence Initiative Leverages Vast Data Stores

Atlanta, GA: December 11, 2017 – Legacy Data Access (LDA), a healthcare software and data services company and Life2, Inc., an innovator in artificial intelligence & clinical data services announced a partnership built on artificial intelligence and machine learning in the healthcare sector.  The companies have launched a hosted service that leverages Life2’s Artificial Intelligence Engine with LDA’s installation base of over 800 hospitals.

Jim Yuhas, Partner at Cadrillion Capital, a private investment firm that owns LDA commented: “LDA’s expertise involves maintaining clinical and financial information over as much as a 30 year period for our hospital partners.  Leveraging our data storage business into new offerings for our clients is a natural next step for LDA. Life2 provides an exciting opportunity to deliver valuable empirical insights as part of a hosted service.  Hospitals realize appropriate procedural and clinical actions – based on empirical evidence – must be taken at the right time throughout each patient’s stay to optimize both patient outcomes and hospital performance. Life2 is uniquely positioned to deliver that value to our clients.”

Life2’s AI Cycle provides hospitals empirical evidence of which actions work and which do not.  It utilizes artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive augmentation and expert guidance to deliver real time patient based risk stratification, causality analysis and empirical intervention selection.  An Evidence Engine powers an automated Machine Learning Feedback Loop that compiles the outcomes and effectiveness of each action.  This results in real time “course correction”, helping hospitals and clinicians optimize patient outcomes, quality and financial performance.

Sam Wilkes, Founder and Chairman of Life2 stated: “We are excited to partner with LDA.  Their deep understanding of healthcare data and desire to bring significant value to their hospital partners perfectly complements the Life2 AI Engines.  Considering the uniqueness and complexity of each inpatient’s health, there are trillions of interrelated data points and millions of potential actions and outcomes in motion every minute of a hospital’s day.  Healthcare needs breakthrough technology and we look forward to delivering these breakthroughs in partnership with LDA.”

About Legacy Data Access: Legacy Data Access offers complete retired healthcare data solutions. Our LegacySuite products provide comprehensive functionality for the storage, access, management, and reporting of the retired healthcare data. No time-consuming, labor intensive, and risk-filled data conversions are required. The data is seamlessly accessible in its original format, with no loss of detail or integrity. LDA’s healthcare systems retirement processes have been implemented in over 800 facilities, spanning more than 20 states in all regions of the U.S. Our retired healthcare systems and data experience covers all functional areas of the healthcare business process, including Patient Accounting, Clinical, ERP, Ancillary, PM and EMR.

About Life2: Life2 is an innovator in artificial intelligence and clinical data services Our AI Cycle focuses on the financial and operational risks facing acute care hospitals and their care continuum partners. Our technology analyzes and calculates – via empirical evidence –  “which actions work and which do not”.  It provides real time  “course correction”, helping hospitals optimize patient outcomes, quality and financial performance. The platform is hospital-friendly, complementing all existing management systems by feeding valuable proactive insights via normal hospital workflow.

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