Device Innovations & Life2 Partner On New Software Medical Devices

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Drive Innovation

Atlanta, GA: January 30, 2018 – Morley Device Innovations, (MDI), an affiliate of
Morley Research Consortium, an Atlanta-based Contract Research Organization and
Life2, Inc., an innovator in artificial intelligence, machine learning and clinical data
services announced a partnership to bring artificial intelligence-based medical devices
to market. The partnership’s initial effort focuses on early detection of infectious
diseases and other clinical conditions that affect patients in acute care hospitals.

Donald A. Johnson, Managing Director of MDI stated: “Life2’s artificial intelligence
technology opens the door for exciting new software medical devices. MDI has deep
experience in clinical trials, medical device technologies, pharmaceuticals, and
healthcare in international markets. Our team looks forward to working with Life2 to
bring new device innovation to the healthcare markets. We are actively conducting
clinical trials for several new product ideas and hope to receive our first of many FDA
510k medical devices later this year.”

Life2’s Artificial Intelligence Engine provides hospitals empirical evidence of which
clinical and procedural actions are most effective. It utilizes artificial intelligence, deep
machine learning, cognitive augmentation and expert guidance to deliver real time
patient based risk stratification, causality analysis and empirical intervention selection.
An Evidence Engine powers an automated Machine Learning Feedback Loop that
compiles the outcomes and measures the effectiveness of each action. This results in
real time “course correction”, helping hospitals and clinicians optimize patient outcomes
as well as quality and financial performance while reducing risk.

Sam Wilkes, Founder and Chairman of Life2 stated:Our technology has been
effectively used to mitigate operational risks at acute care hospitals. These include
reducing length of stay and readmissions while optimizing reimbursements and post
acute venue selection. We are rapidly adding a broad base of clinical capabilities to our
platform. These insights will help hospital Care Teams predict and mitigate clinical
risks of their patients on a real time basis. The end result is higher quality of care and
improved hospital financial performance. Our technology fits perfectly into the world
of medical devices and we are very excited to partner with MDI on new device

About Morley Device Innovations: Morley Device Innovations (MDI) is a team of
seasoned investors, clinical and regulatory affairs specialists, scientists, researchers
and industry veterans. MDI is an affiliate of Morley Research Consortium, an Atlanta,
GA-based Contract Research Organization, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Redwood
City, California (Silicon Valley), Boston, MA, Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China. MDI
invests in early to mid-stage healthcare companies globally to leverage its vast
experience of getting products through worldwide regulatory entities. MDI uses the
skill sets, experience, and health care industry connectivity of a team uniquely capable
of acquiring, refining, and validating medical devices, thereby significantly enhancing
the commercial value of its assets. MDI’s business model mitigates the variables and
risk of traditional venture investing. MDI’s global ecosystem of contacts and affiliates
allows us to source, analyze, invest and exit in shorter time frames with our own
internal team from beginning to end of a product life cycle.

About Life2: Life2 is an innovator in artificial intelligence, machine learning and
clinical data services. The company’s Artificial Intelligence Cycle focuses on the
financial and operational risks facing acute care hospitals and their care continuum
partners. The platform analyzes and calculates – via empirical evidence – “which
actions work and which do not”. It provides real time “course correction”, helping
hospitals optimize patient outcomes, quality and financial performance. The platform
complements all of the hospital’s existing management systems by feeding valuable
proactive insights via normal hospital workflow. Please visit to learn

Contact: Rick Egan, Partner
Life2, Inc.
(404) 805-1812

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